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Online Workshops & Online Lectures

I offer online workshops and online lectures for a more mindful approach to different  challenges in study and PhD. My offer addresses topics such as perfectionism, time and self-management and stress management.

You can find current workshops and event here.


What can you expect in the workshops and lectures?

  • Scientifically prepared content, explained in an easy and understandable way

  • Interactive and collaborative elements, such as activations, group work, etc. 

  • Reflections that help you to become aware of your own situation and critically question it

  • Mindful handling of challenges during studies and doctoral studies

  • Passing on strategies and tools to make lasting changes in your life

  • Mutual respect and cooperation on an equal footing

  • Duration between 2 and 12 hours

  • Conducted online via Zoom

  • Topics: Finding ways out of perfectionism, time and self-management, mindfulness in dealing with stress, etc.

  • Language: German, English

  • On request at your university or organisation

Online work meeting

Finding ways out of perfectionism

What does perfectionism mean?

What is the difference between perfectionism and health striving?
What is behind our perfectionist tendencies? How can they limit our actions (e.g. procrastination)?
What strategies and tools can we use to free ourselves from our perfectionist tendencies and learn to formulate realistic expectations of ourselves (and others)?

Beverage Mug and a Laptop

Time and self- management

Where is our time and energy going?

Which thoughts and habits determine our life?
How can we transform obstructive habits into positive, supportive habits?
What is stress and where do we experience it in everyday life?

What tools can we use to reduce our stress levels in the long term?
How can we set realistic goals and achieve them with more ease in everyday life?

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